August 17/13 The Bob Cary Orchestra

A picture perfect day at the Frenchmen’s Bay Yacht Club in Pickering, Ont this afternoon to honour a good friend of the band, Carlo Vanini, who is suffering from cancer.  The Bob Cary Orchestra graciously donated their time and talents to this worthy cause.  Carlo, one of the trumpet players in Bob’s orchestra, is currently in hospital, and could not be at his event.  We send out good healing thoughts to Carlo during this difficult time.

The band was outstanding – great charts – great players!  Vocal’s by Sharon Smith & Vincent Wolfe were awesome!  Most of the charts were written by Bob Cary himself.  Bob Cary, and a great trumpet soloist I might add, has been writing big band arrangements for over 40 years.  The band selections were fun, musical and danceable  – We danced all afternoon – it was great to see so many supporters of our friend Carlo.

We hope and pray that Carlo recovers completely!!

One thought on “August 17/13 The Bob Cary Orchestra

  1. A truly magnificent gentleman , we all have a smile when we think of Carlo!
    Please channel your prayers and wishes to Carlo and his family .
    Send to his email as he is too weak to recieve visitors and has requested only family and very close friends at his bedside.
    Just look at your heart you will feel him in there.
    We all love you !

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